The Cost of Cycle Trip of Each Country

the average cost per day

Above Graph is average cost per day of each country.

This graph indicate dubai is by far most expensive in above countries. Because I stayed in 3 star rated hotel and hotel apartment. If you use youthhostel, the average cost decreases 3500JPY more than above cost. and I bought clothses and travel books for south east asia. If except for those costs, the average cost decreases 1000JPY more than above cost. I felt dubai was reasonable. One meal is about from 3 USD. 500ml drink is about 0.7USD. By contrast, in Azerbaijan, I felt anything was expensive. Azerbaijan's cost includes Iran visa application fee.

In USA, I stayed in campground and motel. In EU, I stayed in campground on almost days. When I went to both of countries, EURO and USD was very expensive. so I showed the cost converted into present value.(1USD = 90JPY 1EURO = 125JPY on March 2010).

Japan (this data is from my East Japan trip) is indicated very low cost. Because I camped on almost day of Japan trip. in others country, I stayed in cheap hotel on almost days. I avoid bush camping for safety, as possible as I can.

In Kazakstan, which is most expensive country of the central asia countries. sometimes, chaihana(tea shop) let me stay there with cheap price. so the cost became about same of Uzbekistan. the average cost includes ferry fare for passing caspian sea(about 12,000JPY).

In china,sometimes I stayed in business hotel for uploading and renewing my website and for comfort. so the cost gets high. if except it, you can save money as much as Kyrgys. and the Average Cost of China includes the fee of ferry ticket when I came back to Japan. (23,000 JPY).

South East Asia countries are very reasonable, and those quality and facility are high comparing to China or Central Asia. I think It's best place for bicycle trip.