Budget Hotel in Phiphi Island during peak season

This information is on 3 Jan 2010

I stayed in Budget hotel of PhiPhi island during from end of the year to new year.

I arrived at phiphi island in afternoon on 28 Dec 2009. then I looked for cheap hotel, there was many vacancy rooms in guesthouse and bungalow. A cheap hotel I stayed is UP HILL COTTAGE, which is near stairs to view point, and it's on hill side. This hotel has the best view of the cheap hotel in hotels I checked. Shower room is spacious.

Below pictures is the hotel I stayed in

The fee was 800 baht per day.(cheapest room in peak season) shower in my room is water shower. But the room was large, and especially I recommend the view from the terrace. Free wifi is available around reception. If you go to the some hotel or internet cafe and buy prepaid card (100 Baht per 1h), you can use internet in your room.

Fan rooms in others cheap hotels are from 500 baht. Dorms are from 250 baht (but dorms is very few ) There were many vacancy rooms in cheap hotels and middle class hotels during I had been stayed, even in 31 Dec(it's busiest day I felt). and many hotels are being built now. I felt I didn't have to worry about finding a hotel in phiphi on peak season.

on 29 Dec 2009 (left) and 1 Jun 2010, the availability of The Rock, which is appeared on lonely planet.

By the way, on 2 Jun 2010, the sign said the 300 baht single room was available.