In China How to send bicycle by freight train

If you want to send your bicycle to your destination in China, you can use a freight train.

It seems that you cannot carry bicycle on a train in China. even if you take it apart, probably you are refused in baggage check when you enter the station. and even if you pass check, there is no place to put it in the train. it may be as well not to think you can carry it on.

In most chinese station. there is cargo office near the station. you can find it if you go and look around the station.
your baggage is carefully checked there. and you cannot send knives, spray cans and batteries.
The charge depends on the number of box and weight. in my case, it cost about 300RMB to send 30kg baggage included bicycle and the others from Wulumuqi to Kashgar about 1600km distance.

3 days after applying, I received the baggage on cargo office in Kashgar station. when you receive, no baggage check is required. it's easy to receive.