Ferry To Dubai From Iran

This infomation is on 5 Nov 2009.

There is Ferries from Bandar-Abbas and Bandar-Lenge to Shargah (next door to dubai). Ferry from Bandar-Abbas departs on 10PM Monday and Tuesday every week. 11hours trip to Shargah. from Bandar-Lenge departs on 10AM Sun, Mon, Wed every week. 4hours trip to Shargah. Fare of both of ferry are 100 USD.

A port of Bandar-abbas is located on main street from the center to the 10km east. On it's way, there is ferry company office on 3km short of the port. Valfajr Shipping Co.(link to the shipping company) the ticket is sold there.(above picture) In my case, office staff asked me a certificate which japanese don't need UAE visa. I had to go to UAE embassy in Bandar-Abbas. It's on the opposite side of city. after the embassy called shipping company, I got the ticket.

The ticket is only sheet ticket. but breakfast and dinner are included. it is the old ferry used in Japan long time ago.

When I asked headquarters of the shipping company, they said ferry to bandar lenge is high speed ferry, 4hours trip, every Sun, Mon, Wed, 10 AM departing. I asked whether I can take ferry with bicycle or not, they said no problem. but I haven't taken the ferry to bandar lenge. so I don't know definite information.

shargah city on the ferry. it's also large city.