Cheap Hotel in Aktau and Ferry to Baku

This infomation is correct on October 3 2009.

Cheap Hotel in Aktau

There is one cheap hotel in baku. the rate is 2000tenge(about 13$).
single room with toilet included. and there is common shower. the hotel also has others rate rooms. the cheapest is 1500tenge(about 10$). But there is a lot of MOSQUITOES inside. and water stops frequently.

[How to get to there]

You go to the Hotel Aktau passing main street to west, (main street is the road between World War 2 memorial and Hotel Aktau) then turn left and go straight about 1km ahead crossing where a signal is on. and turn left again. go straight about 200m. you can find a hotel whose name is Kuu}u(Keremet) on your left.

You can get to WW2 memorial by No.3 bus on near avenue of Keremet. the fare is 25tenge. if you take taxi to WW2 memorial,the fare is 200tenge.

If you want to have nice shower and wash your clothes.I recommend Hotel @pz(Arai). it is in near WW2 memorial. you take left in crossing of WW2 if you come there from Eastside(direction of Beiney), and go straight to crossing in front of hotel residence.(about 300m from the crossing) Hotel arai is rightside of the crossing. but no sign. I think you cannot find it is hotel at first.

the rate is 5000tenge(about33$). the room has bathroom, small diningroom terrase airconditioner and fridge. near here, there is largest supermarket in central.

Room of Hotel Arai@@dining of Hotel Arai

you can use internet in Skytelecom which is in side of hotel Aktau. it is the closest to Keremet and high speed.

Ferry to Baku

The ferry is irregular. Nobody knows when ferry depart.In my case, 2days after I went to travel first, they called and told me that ferry is going to arrive at 10 PM that day. I bought the ticket in travel agency and went to ferry terminal. but it was morning 2 days later when I was able to take ferry. besides,ferry daparted on 5pm. and reaching to Baku on 2pm of next day.

You can buy the ticket in travel agency, whose name is Tagu it is nearby WW2 memorial. but there is no sign. so you may be not able to find it at first. It's wall is cream color, on grand floor of apartment next door to fruits shop.

WW2 memorial@@fruits shop and Tagu

There is four grade tickets. seat is 14100tenge, one bed without window in the room is 17100tenge, one bed with window in the room is 18600tenge,double room is 20800tenge when I bought it.

You can sleep with laying even if you bought seat ticket .because passanger is very few and almost passanger choose bed. If you buy bed ticket,you may use one room(4 bed per room) alone because there is enough room in ferry comparing with number of passanger. right side pic is bed room and seat.

Ferry is very old. its facility is not good. there is no shop no restaurant no shower(but you can get hot water),and all passanger(women inculeded) have to use only one toilet, which is not clean. moreover you cannot lock it.

How to get to Ferry terminal

You advance 4km to railroad crossing from crossing nearby kermet. and take right without going over rail crossing,you advance more 4km,you reach to ferry terminal. I heard WiFi was available in terminal and PC found signal,but I was not able to use internet.